There’s art in the making this summer…

Join us online to connect and create with Appel Farm.

In a time when learning must take place physically distanced, Appel Farm is committed to connecting young artists with our talented group of professional artists and educators in a virtual art-making space. We are committed to creating a safe, brave space founded in social-emotional learning as young artists develop their creativity and love of learning.

Art in the Making classes place an emphasis on a community of creators, coming together to understand themselves, one another, and their world through the process of art-making.

Art in the Making Details:

  • Art in the Making runs July 6-August 14, 2020, for six weeks of weekly 1-hour classes.
  • Classes are designed for young artists ages 7 to 17.
  • Classes are scheduled Monday-Friday, from 4:00-5:00 PM or 5:00-6:00 PM.
  • Sign up for one class, or sign up for all nine! Discounts offered on three or more classes.
  • Classes cost $150 ($25/1-hour class, for 6 weeks)
  • Take three or more classes, and each class beyond the 2nd costs $120 ($20/1-hour class, for 6 weeks)
  • Classes will meet on Discord, an online platform that is accessible from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. We will provide information on how to download the Discord app, join the Appel Farm Community, and help you throughout the class with any support you need.
  • Classes are facilitated by Appel Farm Teaching Artists.

Game Creator

with Brea Furman

Mondays from 4:00-5:00 PM

Do you enjoy playing card games, board games, or RPG games? Have you ever thought about making your own? In Game Creator we will explore changing the rules of our favorite games or creating new games from scratch! Play test your creations with one another and the people in your household while generating a physical prototype or Game Master Guide.

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Fundamentals of Theatre

​with Tanner Rushing

Mondays from 5:00-6:00 PM

Come play with us! Theatre is about playing! That’s why it’s called a play! We’re going to play, dance, and sing. We’re going to get silly and create some really cool and amazing theatre! Building off of theatre basics like character development and improv and sprinkling in our best moves and songs, we’re going to create a theatre experience like no other!

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Fiber Arts Hangout

​with Brea Furman

Tuesdays from 4:00-5:00 PM

If you are passionate about sewing, knitting, crocheting, cross stitching, embroidery, or weaving, then this class is for you! Join others in a casual setting to learn new skills or continue a project you have already started. Each week, we will work on projects as we connect as a creative community, sharing our ideas and interests!​

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​with April Keezing

Tuesdays from 5:00-6:00 PM

We will explore the fundamentals of songwriting as we use them to write our own songs! Together we will learn about lyrics, melody, and chord writing and grow our music abilities no matter your songwriting experience!

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Visual Storytelling Toolbox

with Jamie Weinberg

Wednesdays from 4:00-5:00 PM

Grab your favorite drawing tools and join us over the next few weeks as we explore the illustration toolbox! We’ll learn helpful tips and tricks about building picture-based stories and comics from scratch as well as how to help expand any already existing stories you might have and want to add pictures to. Let’s create together and have some fun!​

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Self Portrait Shadow Boxes

​with Jacqualynn Tomasello

Wednesdays from 5:00-6:00 PM

With Ms. Jax as a guide, we will create our own, unique self portraits. We will explore the history and purposes of portraiture, techniques in multiple media, the use of basic art elements and principles, and the possibilities of 2D and 3D art forms. The journey, however, in creating these pieces will do more than just add to and establish skills. We will explore the power that resides in representing self in art, in showing our worlds and emotional landscapes that surround us and how through art we can speak, we can connect, and we can heal.

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Social Justice Through the Lens of Photography

​with Erik James Montgomery

Thursdays from 4:00-5:00 PM

We will connect and communicate about the social issues currently being discussed in America, including Class, Culture, and Community. Through open dialog, video clips, and photographic images we create, we will explore how current events affect us personally and collectively, while learning photographic techniques and skills to document our own lives during these times.

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Creative Writing

​with Jame Esposito

Thursdays from 5:00-6:00 PM

In times of social turmoil, of civil unrest, and of personal hardship, one of the strongest tools at your disposal is your voice. Words and writing have inspired and educated humanity throughout history, but on a deeper level they connect people to themselves and to their communities. In this course, we will learn about writing as a catalyst to develop your social and emotional self. As we explore several different styles and genres, these six classes will emphasize cultivating a personal writing practice that is steeped in empathy, emotional understanding, and social engagement.

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Dance: The Exploration of YOU

​with Willie Hinton

Fridays from 4:00-5:00 PM

Dance is an internal experience with an outward expression. We will use Jazz and Contemporary Dance as a medium for helping dancers self-explore. Through dance, we will respond to two crucial questions… What? & Why? What did you do with your body? Why did you make that particular choice? In responding to those questions, dancers will explore their inner voice and the message they want to share about their unique voice through their movements with the viewer.

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