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Gloucester and Salem County Teen Arts Festival

Appel Farm is thrilled to host the 2020 Salem and Gloucester County Teen Arts Festival!

The 2020 Salem and Gloucester County Teen Arts Festival

  • The 2020 Salem and Gloucester County Teen Arts Festival will be on Wednesday, April 1, 2020 from 8:30 AM – 1:30 PM at Appel Farm Arts & Music Campus in Elmer, NJ.

Middle and high school students from Salem and Gloucester County are invited to Appel Farm to perform and exhibit their work for professional adjudicators who will provide valuable feedback. Students will also experiment & learn in visual and performing arts workshops, connect with other artsy teens, and relax and have fun at our beautiful camp! The whole community will gather for our annual Teen Arts Open Mic to end the festival with a celebration of the talent in Salem and Gloucester County!

Who can participate?

Middle and high school students, or the age/grade equivalent, from public, charter, parochial, or home school organizations in Gloucester and Salem Counties in New Jersey may participate. In most cases, a coordinator from the school will register, and work with teachers to enter students’ work. Students: If your school does not register, you can register as an individual entrant. Individual entrants who are under the age of 18 should register with a parent/guardian listed as the coordinator. Individual entrants who are 18+ should register with themselves listed as the coordinator. Individual entrants will enter their own work.


Registration Information:

  • Early Bird Registration, due by February 7, 2020:
    $25/individual entrant
  • Registration, final registrations due by March 6, 2020:
    $35/individual entrant
  • Click here to complete your Registration Form.
  • Submit a copy of your Registration Form, which will be emailed to you, to your School Business Office for payment via check or money order made payable to Appel Farm, PO Box 888, Elmer, NJ 08318.

Teen Arts Disciplines

Genre (# of Performers Performance, Submission Limit)

  • Dance (Any #, 4 Minutes)
  • Vocal/Choral Solo or Small (1-8 ,4 Minutes)
  • Vocal/Choral Large (9+, 12 Minutes)
  • Drama Solo or Small ( 1-8, 4 Minutes)
  • Drama Large (9+, 15 Minutes)
  • Musical Theatre Solo or Small (1-8, 4 Minutes)
  • Musical Theatre Large (9+, 15 Minutes)
  • Instrumental Solo or Small (1 -8, 4 Minutes)
  • Instrumental Large (9+, 12 Minutes)
  • Piano (1-2, 4 Minutes)
  • Guitar (Any #, 4 Minutes)
  • Video (12 Minutes)
  • Creative Writing or Poetry (4-Page Max. for Prose, 2-Page Max for Poetry)
  • Visual Arts 2-D or Photography (3-Piece Max., Size Limit 36 x 36”)
  • Visual Arts 3-D (3-Piece Max., Size Limit 36 x 36”)

Important Next Steps

  • After submitting your Registration Form and Fee, please submit Entry Forms for each entry (piece of art, ensemble, etc.) to be adjudicated. Entry Forms are due by March 20, 2020 without exception. Click here to submit Entry Forms.
  • Please submit a Release Form for each student who is attending the Festival, to be completed by a Parent/Guardian and student. We will appreciate your help in encouraging your students’ compliance. Click here to download the Release Form.
  • Please read the Entry Guidelines for additional important information about how to prepare each entry for adjudication. Please note that there are new procedures for delivering Visual Art submission this year, and make plans to hang and display your students’ entries. Click here to download the Entry Guidelines.
  • Visit the New Jersey State Teen Arts website learn more about the state-wide Adjudication Rubrics & Critiques to help students prepare for their showcases and gain an understanding of what will be covered during their Adjudication. Click here to download adjudication rubrics.
  • Visual Arts entries must be submitted with a completed Visual Arts Entry Label. Please download the labels, cut on the dotted line, print neatly in black ink, and tape a corresponding label to the back of each entry before hanging or displaying the entry. Click here to download the Visual Arts Entry Label.


Appel Farm Arts Camp Scholarships

Four outstanding Teen Arts artists will be awarded a full scholarship to attend Appel Farm Arts Camp for a 2-week session! To be considered for a Salem and Gloucester County Teen Arts Scholarship, the applicant must answer the first question on the application, with  “Teen Arts Festival – Salem and Gloucester County”.  Please note that Teen Arts applicants do not have to submit proof of income to be considered for a full scholarship. Click here to complete your Scholarship Application. 

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