Food for Families

Appel Farm Arts & Music Campus Excited to Offer Meals to Families this Summer!

Through a combination of awards from generous funders, Appel Farm Arts & Music Campus is delighted to provide food to families in need this summer through the Appel Farm Family Food Service.

While many families are home from work and school, isolated from friends, families can grow closer together cooking with easy-to-prepare meal kits from Appel Farm. Head Chef, Danielle Walkden will prepare meal kits that may include tacos, spaghetti and sauce, mac and cheese, baked ziti, subs/hoagies, meatloaf, and more. These healthy family meals will also feature Jersey Fresh produce from the Appel Farm Community Garden! Each meal kit will serve a family of four for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Families will pick up a week of meal kits at Appel Farm on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.

Please contact Natasha Thompson at [email protected] or 856-358-2472 ext. 120 to learn more and sign up for Appel Farm Family Food Service.

When you pick up your meal kits, pick up an Appel Farm Art Kit as well! Every week, we will have a new art project and supplies that will give your family a chance to connect and create. 

Please join us in thanking our generous funders, including the United Way of Delaware/Salem County, the PHL COVID-19 Fund, a partnership of Philadelphia Foundation and the United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey, and The Reinvestment Funds for the COVID-19 Emergency Meal Grant through The New Jersey Child Nutrition Fund. Appel Farm is also a site sponsor in the New Jersey Summer Food Service Program, for families whose children receive free and/or reduced-priced breakfast and lunches from any school.

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