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Appel Farm Founders Club

Appel Farm Founders Club

A Celebration of Albert, Clare, and the Rich History of Appel Farm

We are all so grateful to Albert and Clare for their vision, for creating this special place, for cultivating our community with care and love, for knowing that the world would need a haven of creativity and kindness that would welcome all people to come together in 1960…and forever.

On September 10, 2017, over 200 alumni and friends joined together to celebrate Appel Farm’s founders Albert & Clare Appel and the organization’s rich 57 year history. Proceeds from the event and the creation of the Founders Club raised over $100,000, establishing the Albert & Clare Appel Camp Scholarship Fund.

Appel Farm for Al and Clare.

Appel Farm for life.


Appel Farm Founders Club

Appel Farm would like to recognize the following families for joining the Founders Club. By committing to support Appel Farm’s future with sustaining donations of $1,000 or more for the next five years, these generous families have joined the club, and together they have pledged $180,000 in donations. If you are interested in learning more about the Founders Club, please reach out to Cori Solomon, Executive Director, at 856-358-2472 or [email protected]

Founders Club Leaders

Marcy and Andrew Bliss
Ronnie and Jack Cimprich

Founders Club Members

Bob and Nancy Cimprich
Karen Kramer
Holly Boyer-Manders
Dave Manders
Jennie Quinn and Sean Matthews
Cori and Tom Santone
Nealy and David Troll
Richard and Pamela Vanecek
Dawn and Charles Walter
Anita Zippert

Upcoming Events for Alumni and Friends:

  • Join Us! We would like to invite all of our Alumni and friends back to camp for An Evening with Friends of Appel Farm! We’ll gather for a wine and cheese social, catch up with friends, and then join the audience for one of our longest standing traditions… Join us for a Friday Night Concert on July 10 or August 7, 2020.
  • Did you miss our 50th and 55th Anniversary Alumni Reunions? They were both awesome, and so we decided to celebrate with our alumni every five years! Let’s all look forward to our next reunion, tentatively scheduled for August 21-23, 2020! If that’s too long to wait, get your camp friends together and come to Family Arts Camp this spring! Click here for more information on Family Arts Camp.

Keep in Touch:

  • Did you recently receive our 2018 Impact Report via snail mail? Do you know all about the scholarships we offer to our 2nd generation campers every summer? Did you know that we have Alumni Reunions every 5 years? If you answered no to any of these questions, we need your updated contact info! Click here to update your contact info.
  • Find us on social media @appelfarmarts and share your camp photos with your old friends with #appelfarmforlife!

Appel Farm Founders Day

If you missed this beautiful event, know that we missed you, too. We are thrilled to bring the event to you with these beautiful videos and photos of the the alumni, the performances, the speakers, the timeline, and the beautiful artwork we enjoyed that special day. We hope you will all make your way back to Appel Farm soon.