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Appel Farm Founders Day

Appel Farm Founders Day

A celebration of Albert, Clare, and the HISTORY of Appel Farm

Appel Farm Founders Clare & Albert Appel riding together on a tractor on Appel Farm grounds

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Event Details:

Sunday, September 10, 2017 from 2-6 pm
Appel Farm, 457 Shirley Road, Elmer, NJ 08318.

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Add to the Appel Farm Timeline!

We are thrilled to offer our alumni and friends this opportunity to come together to honor Albert and Clare’s vision and dreams and their contributions to our beloved Appel Farm! We want to reconnect with as many of our alumni and friends as possible, from way back in 1960 through the decades to today! Please join us for this special celebration, and participate in the creation of the Albert and Clare Appel Camp Scholarship Fund to memorialize Al and Clare’s legacy.

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  • Questions? Get in touch with Jennie Quinn, Associate Director, at 856-358-2472, ext. 2017 or

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  • Find us on social media @appelfarmarts and start sharing this event with your old camp friends with #affoundersday!

We will eat and drink and be grateful! We will enjoy fantastic music and entertainment and reconnect with each other and our camp days! We will create a timeline with photos and memorabilia from each generation of alumni! We will create a library of videos about our experience at Appel Farm and what it meant to us. More details about the timeline and video projects below, please contribute!

Founders Day Video Project

Founder Clare Appel baking in the kitchen assisted by smiling child.

To enable alumni who cannot attend Founders Day, as well as the lucky ones who can, to participate in this historic event, we are asking alumni to create a video about their time at Appel Farm and send it to us.  Please tell us how Appel Farm, Albert, or Clare impacted your life.  Videos will be shared at the event, and with Appel Farm alumni worldwide via the internet! Please contribute a video of your own!




Specs and Directions:

  • Maximum length 3 minutes.
  • Record at highest quality video settings on your device.
  • Shoot Horizontally.
  • Find a quiet place. We want to hear what you have to say!
  • Be aware of your background. If it’s overly busy, it will steal all the attention.
  • Try to prop your phone up, instead of holding it out. You will look much more comfortable in the video.
  • Send your video when connected to WiFi. The resolution will likely be higher, and you will save data usage on your phone plan.
  • Email your video to Larry Kelly at with the subject, “Founders Day Video.”
  • Deadline for submission: August 31, 2017

Video Content:

Please answer the following questions at the beginning of your video:

  • What is your name?
  • What was your relationship with Appel Farm (i.e. camper 1982, 1984; staff member 1990)
  • Where do you live and what do you do professionally?

After this intro, feel free to be creative. If you need some ideas of what you might talk about, here are a few ideas!

Describe your favorite moment at Appel Farm.

  • What life lessons did you learn at Appel Farm?
  • How did your experiences at Appel Farm shape your view of the world?
  • How did your experiences at Appel Farm affect the development of your life?
  • Describe a specific memory you have about Albert or Clare Appel.

Appel Farm Timeline

1960: Appel Farm Arts & Music Center was founded as a private summer arts camp for children by Albert and Clare Appel.

Fast forward to 2017, and Appel Farm has quite a rich past, and we want to celebrate each milestone! Please add any significant, interesting, or funny points on our Appel Farm timeline! It will be fun to find photos or other media to support each point, and display our timeline at Founders Day!

Here are a couple examples of the points that will be on our Appel Farm Timeline:

  • 1980: Appel Farm received funding from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts to do opera in English, “The Marriage of Figaro”.
  • 1983: “New” office moved to camp side of road.  House in Franklinville, NJ, had to be moved from impending path of Route 55, so Appel Farm purchased it and moved it to camp, adding basement and 2nd floor levels.
  • 1987: Sarvananda Bluestone joins the Appel Farm staff as Head of North, beginning a run of over thirty years at the summer camp.
  • 2002: Ava Blitz changed the landscape of Appel Farm with her exploration of the dualities of the physical, elemental state of nature, and the spiritual, metaphoric, and contemplative nature with Beauty and the Beast.

If you think of a great point for our timeline, email it to Jennie Quinn at with the subject, “Founders Day Timeline.”

If you have media to support your point, email it to Larry Kelly at with the subject, “Founders Day Timeline Media.”