Greetings Appel Farm Family,

We hope that you are finding joy as spring approaches.

As we prepare for another summer of Camp, we fondly remember Albert and Clare Appel. They wanted to change the world and they challenged children to become their best selves. The traditions that connect Appel Farmers are those created by Albert and Clare. Our traditions speak to the essential values of creativity, inclusion, equity, and courage.

We believe that everyone deserves the chance to share in these traditions. All children need the opportunity to let their imagination shine, learn through collaborative problem solving, and find their community in an inclusive and creative space.

This year, we are committed to making it possible for more members of our historically under-resourced local community to become a part of our camp family. We are asking for your support. Help us raise $15,000 to fund full scholarships for six children from lower income households in Cumberland County to attend Appel Farm Arts Camp 2022.

After 62 years, Appel Farm Arts Camp still shines with Albert and Clare’s fundamental belief in creating a safe and brave home for creative, compassionate people of all backgrounds. Please consider making a gift today to afford another child a joyful experience here, and help our Appel Farm Family continue to grow.

Give the gift of Camp. Donate now!

Thank you for all you do.

With Appel Farm Love,

Jessica Doheny
Executive Director

Ellamarie Qumby

Ellamarie Qumby
Camp Director

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