Ruby Jost and her family have been actively involved with Appel Farm Arts Camp for the past few years. They first came to Appel Farm as a part of the Family Enrichment Network (FEN), a program that provided South Jersey families with opportunities to connect through the arts. Ruby and her three kids – Henry, Grace and Dean – were open to participating in FEN; Ruby’s husband, Alan, however, was not.

Alan was hesitant but his mind quickly changed. According to Ruby, Alan’s attitude shifted when he saw how being at Appel Farm affected his children’s well-being. As Ruby said, “Alan dug his feet in. He didn’t want to go. But then he saw how the kids could truly be themselves at Appel Farm and how happy they were.”Ruby&GraceImage

Their association through FEN led to a much deeper connection to Appel Farm. Ruby became a camp nurse and Henry, Grace and Dean, campers. The Jost family are also active volunteers: Ruby volunteers to help out as a nurse during our festivals and the whole family pitches in whenever help is needed.

Ruby and her only daughter, Grace, are particularly close and enjoy spending time together. They both also love the arts: Ruby likes to paint, draw and sew. Grace likes photography, video production and music.

Ruby and Grace will be participants at Appel Farm’s Mother Daughter Retreat this March – a weekend intentionally designed to foster moments of genuine connection between mothers and their daughters.

Grace is fifteen. In the blink of an eye, Grace will be off to college. Weekends like the Mother Daughter Retreat will be cherished memories for Ruby and Grace in a few short years: doing what they love together – creating art – in a place – Appel Farm – where they feel they can truly be themselves.

For more information about the Mother Daughter Retreat or to register, click here.

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