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Lorie and Ruby photo

Mother Daughter Retreat Profile

Lorie and Ruby photo

Lorie and Ruby Dream Retreat 2016

Mother and daughter, Lorie and Ruby, have always been close. Ruby is an only child who was born prematurely at 31 weeks, weighing only 2 lbs. She spent 9 weeks in the neonatal unit and after she came home, she went through 3 surgeries and 4 hospitalizations. Today, she is healthy and happy and a freshman at CAPA.

Lorie and Ruby Neonatal photo

Ruby is extremely creative. She loves to paint and draw and she plays the guitar and violin. She attended the Waldorf School of Philadelphia since Kindergarten where Lorie teaches. The Waldorf School is the perfect school for a creative kid like Ruby:  it emphasizes the role of imagination in learning and strives to integrate, holistically, their student’s intellectual, practical and artistic development.

Ruby gets her creativity from her mom and dad.  Lorie uses Felting to create beautiful, ethereal 3 dimensional ladies and children using soft colors and gentle natural fibers. Dad Dave Moser is a well-known photographer. He has photographed The Philadelphia Ballet, Steve Buscemi, and Patti Labelle, among others.Lorie Borko Felting Photo

The Mother Daugher Retreat came at just the right time for Lorie and Ruby. Lorie, Ruby, and Dave, were busy last fall visiting and applying to Philadelphia High Schools. Ruby had her heart set on the Creative and Performing Arts High School and they were anxiously waiting to find out if she had been accepted. It was a tense time. And she was 14 and going through all of the push and pull of a typical teenager beginning to separate from mom and dad.

Ruby did not want to attend the Mother Daughter Retreat with her mother; she would be missing a school dance and she did NOT want to be stuck hanging out with her mom for the weekend.  She pouted, but she went.

As Lorie said:

“We’ve always been really close – Ruby was born with health problems so we spent a lot of time together. In 7th grade, she started to push back, just regular teenage stuff. Our relationship felt strained and hard. The Mother Daughter retreat really helped. She didn’t want to go, but once she was there, she really got into it. She got to see me in a different light. She got to see my creativity and me interacting with the other adults who were there.

The weekend was so freeing; it was so out of our norm – we don’t usually get to spend time together doing creative activities. It pushed us into new directions.”

Time is flying now. The Mother Daughter retreat slowed time down.”

To join us at our Spring 2018 Mother Daughter Retreat, visit Mothers and daughters of any age, including grandmothers, aunts, sisters and cousins, age 7 and beyond, are welcome to attend. This year’s workshops include, Plein Air Painting for Beginners, Family Ceramic Platters using Sgarfitto, Fused Glass Pendants, Yoga, Partner Dance and Photo.

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