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Partner Dance

Partner Dance: Connecting through Movement

A Dance Class can teach us so much more than the basic skills of “how to dance”. Through movement, we express our emotions and we learn to be more present for the people around us. Dancers have to work together, trust, forgive their partner’s failures and most importantly, open their hearts. Dancing can show us a way to mindfulness and a deeper connection to the world.

This year, Appel Farm is pleased to offer “Partner’s Dance” at its Mother Daughter Art Retreat: (March 16 – 18, 2018).  In Partner Dance, participants will learn how to express emotion through movement. This class will also help to break down any barriers that exist between our partner pairs: through collaboration, teamwork and most likely – laughter – mother/daughter pairs will learn to be more open to one another. Dance isn’t just a fun way to exercise, it can build stronger bonds.

Our “Partner Dance” workshop will begin with a warm up where pairs will work together to help each other stretch and warm up.  Stretching helps to improve flexibility, and stretching with a partner can provide motivation and confidence when trying something new. In the second half of class, participants will learn a fun hip hop routine to “old school” music with some “new school” dance moves. This is a great opportunity to let loose and be free while dancing beside loved ones!

In addition to “Partner’s Dance”, Mother Daughter Dream Art Retreat guests will participate in many more opportunities for creative expression.  Workshops include a Fused Glass Pendant Workshop, “Finders, Keepers: Making “Found” Poems from the Stuff of Our Lives”, “Plein Air Painting for Beginners”, A Digital Portrait Photography Workshop, a Photo Transfer Workshop and Sunday morning yoga.

Partner Dance Photo


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