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Virtual STEAM Labs

A Virtual After School Program

4th-8th Grade Students

March 30-May 14 2020


7 Weeks of Online Classes

Arts Lab available for K-3rd Graders too!

Register for Virtual STEAM Labs and ARTS Lab!

Each class will be held from 4:00-5:30pm live on Zoom. Choose one club, or one each day of the week for 14 weeks!


STIR: Culinary & Baking Club — An after school club that is seriously tasty! Develop, build upon, and sharpen your culinary and baking skills. Cook a savory dish and bake a sweet treat while learning to be a chef.

Arts Lab — Arts Lab for K-3rd graders is a great introduction to STEAM Labs!
Classes include Creative Movement & Three Dimensional Art!


Trendsetters: Costume & Fashion Design — Learn to think creatively and turn a fashion idea into a finished garment, while learning new practical skills. Students celebrate their new creations on the runway!!!


Focused: Photography Club — Get focused! Start by learning how cameras work and how to load film. Study composition, subject, and lighting, and shoot photos using new knowledge of f-stops and shutter speed. Develop film and make prints in one of two darkrooms on campus.


SUPER HAPPY Comics & Anime ULTRA Club — Pokemon, Studio Ghibli, and Naruto are just touching the surface of Anime. Join and learn the skills to become a comic/anime artist. Discover how to incorporate the style and characteristics of anime into your own drawings.


Arts Lab for younger students!

Arts Lab for K-3rd graders on Mondays is a great introduction to STEAM Labs! Classes include Create Like the Greats, Creative Movement, and Ceramics!

Arts Lab immerses K–3rd graders in the Visual and Performing Arts for 7 weeks of transformative arts and learning! Students rotate through all three classes. Arts Lab kids develop their artistic skills, learn to express themselves, and have fun! It’s a creative, enriching, and affordable alternative to traditional after-school care..

 Register for Virtual STEAM Labs and ARTS Lab!

Our goals for your child are based on the 6 Cs of Positive Youth Development.

Your child will have a transformative experience at STEAM Labs. Read on to find the answer to the important question: “What will my child gain from STEAM Labs at Appel Farm?”

  1. Your child will explore new art forms and develop their creative and artistic skills (Competence)
  2. Your child will develop self confidence and self-awareness by learning how art can help express their thoughts and feelings (Confidence)
  3. Your child will practice kindness with classmates and make new friends (Connection, Character & Caring)
  4. Your child will have fun learning through engaging activities (Because learning at Appel Farm is fun!)
  5. Your child will share work and celebrate arts and learning at a celebratory Showcase (Contribution)
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