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Arts in Community

Arts in Community

Through our Arts in Community Program, Appel Farm is able to connect with partner organizations that provide social services and healthcare to a diverse range of people. These partnerships allow us to reach adults, children and families who otherwise may not have access to the arts. Our HeArt and Health Program has helped people create meaningful visual and performing art at nursing homes, hospitals, veteran’s homes, daycare facilities for special needs adults, community centers, psychiatric facilities, churches, and transitional housing sites. Through our Partnership with FEN, the Family Enrichment Network, Appel Farm has used the process of making art and participating in arts workshops to provide bonding opportunities for Salem County families.

At Appel Farm, we believe that everyone has the ability to learn and to express themselves through the arts. The arts have an amazing, transformative power for youth, adults, families and communities regardless of abilities or prior experience. Our Arts in Community program demonstrates how participation in the visual and performing arts can enhance creative expression, improve wellness, strengthen family ties, promote positive change and empower.

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