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So many artists in our community are selling their work, and we hope you will join us in supporting them. Find stationary and cards, jewelry and wearable art, custom portraits and artwork, and more…

Antea Roberts & The Ceramery

One-of-a-kind ceramics from camper and staff alum, Antea!

Christina Vant and Vantastic Finds

Vantastic Finds is the perfect place for unique and fun prints, wall art, and cards!

Abby Neale & Lavender Menace Press

Lavender Menace Press is a small press inspired by nature, history, and activism. It aims to uplift and inspire marginalized voices by creating works celebrating the joy, beauty, and resilience.

Natasha Thompson & the Sunshine Card Project

Send some good vibes to anyone who needs a little sunshine in their life with a custom, handmade card by staff alum, Natasha.

Izzy Van den Heuvel

Prints by camper and staff alum, Izzy.

Alan Willoughby on Instagram & Facebook

Handmade pottery by dear friend of Appel Farm, Alan.


Jessica Padilla & jesslynnpadilla

“For the joy of making… a shop full of handmade love. Everything is made with tender care. Just for you, my stationary lovers. And for me, as well, for the enjoyment of creating something beautiful, something treasured. I hope every moment is special, unique, and opens a creative path for you within your journals or to that special penpal.” – With love, Jessica

Kimberly English

Paintings and other fine art by Appel Farm neighbor, painter, photographer, teaching artist, and agriculture advocate, Kimberly.

Rachel Klein & Okashi Sweets

Handcrafted sweet treats with flavors inspired by Japanese pastry by camp alum, Rachel.

Amanda Jensen & Observable Light

Analog Photography & Darkroom Prints by an artist who understands light…Former Head of Technical Theatre and lighting designer, Amanda.

Tucker Stouch

Original art and design, printed on bags, pillows, masks and more from Appel Farm teaching Artists Tucker.

Sam Urdang & Sir Juggle Knits

Bespoke knit pieces for every situation imaginable by staff alum Sam!

Cristy Chory & Shameless Stitch

Handmade, custom, and vintage goods that give back. Shameless Stitch donates a portion of every sale to groups and causes that we believe in. See our list of selected charities in the About section.


Sue Henning & SBCreations

Holiday Lavender Gift Baskets and more, from neighbor an friend, Sue!


Fabric items, handmade in Brooklyn by camp alum Jo Barnett.

Kylie McLaughlin & km.draws

Custom artwork by camp alum Kylie.

Mika Melamed & Wearable Art by Mika

Crocheted Masterpieces by camp alum and camp mom Mika.

Shira Greenfield & Greenfield Creations

Glass art, handmade soap, and masks by camper and staff alum Shira.

Jerzy Ellanna Photography

Fine art photography prints, and check out Jerzy’s website for information on Individual, Couple, and Group Sessions; Weddings; Commercial & Event photography.

Alex Carlbon

Alex Carlbon is an abstract painter and a full time artist living in Northern California. He calls his work ‘Psychographical Topography’. He works with mixed media and water to create abstract colors and shapes, shapes and colors which upon further inspection become character and story. He magnifies these little stories within these tiny worlds as they appear & develop within each canvas. Formally untrained, his style of painting is an exploration of untraditional techniques and experimentation, yielding art that is chaotic and colorful; yet serene and organized.

Katrin Blackwater

Jewelry and prints by staff alum Kat.

Jane Medio Arts

Custom handcrafted custom needle felted ornaments by staff alum Jane

Michaela Salvo

Fine art photography book by camp and staff alum Michaela. “For months we have been confined to our homes and we have no idea when we will be freed. We have been separated from our loved ones. Hugging has become a sign of selfishness when it was once a way to show someone you care. We can no longer go to school, or work, everything is online. Reading the news has become so conflicting and the rules of society change daily now. Completing basic errands like going to the grocery store is something to be feared. These are necessary precautions but it doesn’t make it easier. I am exploring these ideas and feeling in my new series Pandemic.”

Paige Zuber & Forests Fern

Custom portraits by camp alum Paige.

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