Our Needs

Appel Farm needs your help! We are a non-profit organization that is passionate about spreading the transformative power of the arts. Our programs couldn’t continue without the support of our amazing community of friends, partners and supporters.

Whether you are an art teacher with extra art supplies, a landscaper with a surplus of mulch or an office that has just upgraded its computers, Appel Farm will make good use of your donation. Call to discuss your donation at (856)358-2472 or by email at [email protected].

Our needs are not limited to monetary donations or objects – Appel Farm is also in need of your expertise! Volunteer to help us maintain our facilities and grounds, to help prepare for a festival or volunteer to work with a child during one of our Arts at Appel Farm programs!

Or, if you would like to purchase an item that we know we are in need of, please visit our Amazon Smile Wish List.

All donations help Appel Farm to continue its important and vital work of feeding the creative expression of children and adults alike.

Thank you for your support!


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