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This is the magic of Appel Farm – encouraging new connections, nurturing this thriving, inclusive, joyful community, and sharing our model for the world.

Meet Phoebe:

A 6th-year camper from Brooklyn, NY, who attends the “Fame” school, studying theatre, music, and photography

Meet Saudly:

A 1st-year camper from Ventnor, NJ, who is the 2018 State Teen Arts winner for vocal music, which earned him a scholarship to attend camp

Appel Farm brought Phoebe and Saudly together to thrive in exactly the right environment and they created absolute magic, like so many children and families do every day at Appel Farm. Throughout the year, we see stories like this. We see unique individuals connect and explore common passions. We see young artists push themselves to improve and find new ways to express themselves. We see hesitant kids find the courage and strength to take new creative risks, with the encouragement of a community of peers. And we see lifelong friendships bloom and grow.

Thanks to the generosity of friends, partners, and donors like you, we continue to invest in and expand this important work as we serve a thriving, inclusive, joyful community of creative and inspirational kids.

Please donate before the end of our fiscal year on September 30th so we can keep making magic together!

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