Virtual Salem & Gloucester County Teen Arts Festival


Virtual Adjudication: Entries Due April 18, 2022


Appel Farm is also offering Virtual Adjudication. Please read the submission guidelines and best practices below for next steps.

How to prepare your Virtual Entry

  • Log in to the virtual adjudication site (link will be shared once your school as registered).
  • Review the Adjudication Rubric for the Art Form for which you will be submitting your entry. This will give you a stronger understanding of what the Adjudicators will be considering when reviewing submissions.
  • Write, Create, or Rehearse your Virtual Entry.
  • Finalize, Record, and Save your Virtual Entry as a Digital File, for example:
    • Performances (.MP4/.MOV), Visual Arts (.JPG) and/or Writings (.PDF)
    • OR, Submit your performance via Youtube link.  Be sure to mark your videos “UNLISTED” on Youtube so that we can see them, but no one else can.  Use the same labeling criteria above for naming your Youtube entry. 

Virtual Showcase & Adjudication Tips

All submissions should be thoroughly prepared, reviewed and rehearsed prior to submitting for Virtual Adjudication. 

A limited number of students will be selected in each art form category from each county to showcase at the NJ State Teen Arts Festival, SO SHOW YOUR BEST! 

Writing Entries: 

  • Proof read your submission numerous times.
  • Save as .PDF

Performance Entries:

  • Video is recording horizontal (if using phone)
  • Clear Sound Recording (limit background noise)
  • Good Bright Lighting
  • Clear Visibility of all Performers at all times
  • Instrumentalists – video includes visibility of hands/posture
  • Save as .MP4, .MOV, or via Youtube 

Visual Arts Entries: 

  • For best results, take photographs of your artwork in natural lighting and with a plain background.
  • 3D Work – submit multiple photos from several angles.
  • Save all visual arts entries as a .JPG 

Filmmaking Entries: 

  • All films should be no longer than 10 minutes long.
  • Downloads should be in .MP4 or or .MOV file format.
  • Files can be sent through EMAIL  or a WETRANSFER LINK.
  • Alternative ways of submitting are available by UPLOADING to YOUTUBE or VIMEO and Sending us the Link to your film.
  • Things To Check:
    • All audio levels are mixed correctly.
    • All cuts are done well and intentionally.
    • All transitions are smooth or purposeful.
    • Don’t forget your credits.
  • Please submit a 1-2 sentence synopsis or “elevator pitch” of your film, as well. 

To be adjudicated in time to advance to the state competition, submissions are due by: April 18, 2022.


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